To the persons who do NOT have the status of employee / student / associate, the access account to the ASE SECURE Wi-Fi network is transmitted by the IT Technical Support compartment(after receiving the necessary information from the building’s administrator).

The connection is made only once, following that the internet access to be automatically facilitated around all wireless internet access points that have the name of ASE SECURE. The account is valid for the entire period of studies / accommodation / collaboration contract.

When you connect to the Internet using a mobile device, check the following settings:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: None
  • CA certificate: Don’t validate
  • Identity: [user name provided]
  • Anonymous identity: [blank –  do not fill in]
  • Password: [password provided]

Employees and associated teachers connect to ASE SECURE Wi-Fi based on their IDM account.

Students connect to ASE SECURE Wi-Fi based on their IDM account with username accompanied by the suffix “@stud.ase.ro” (as per online.ase.ro).

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