Employee and associated teachers information

The IDM teacher account allows authentication:

-on computers in the ASE
-to the profesor.ase.ro platform
-to the Wi-Fi ASE SECURE network
-to the online.ase.ro platform, with username accompanied by the suffix “@ase.ro
-to fpo.ase.ro only from the ASE network (possibly through VPN)
-the username is used at SIMUR together with a second password that is transmitted by depinfo@ase.ro(SIMUR is accessible only from within the ASE)
-to the VPN

The IDMpassword can be changed accessing https://selfportal.ase.ro. We strongly recooment MFA enrolment in order to be able to self administer your own password.

If you think it is necessary to urgently change your password, we will reset it at your request.

The VPN service is addressed differently now, it is dedicated exclusively to teachers, ask for instructions from the address it-suport@ase.ro using the institutional email.

Account request for associate teacher
Instructions delete Cookies FPO
FPO Instructions
Other useful instructions

The email is accessed on the mail.google.com writing the entire email address in the first field, and the password in the next field.
The email is integrated with Google’s services for education, so teachers can send invitations to Google Meet or Google Classroom based on this email. Based on the institutional email, a mobile access account to resources of the Academy of Economic Studies (information) can be created. The password of the email account can be changed from the settings menu.

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